Caesars Entertainment Heads into the Future of Gaming with Innovation
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Caesars Entertainment Heads into the Future of Gaming with Innovation

John Celona, VP of Business Innovation & Tech, Caesars Entertainment

Today hospitality and gaming companies face some of the same challenges that other industries do. At Caesars Entertainment, we have seen a change in guest needs, guest demographics, and the technology-driven experiences our guests expect. We have seen a shift in our business from traditional forms of gaming to unique services and experiences that were historically considered amenities. Our challenge is to find innovative ways to exceed the expectations of our guests with an evolving digital landscape.

When you look at successful companies within the 21st-century digital economy, they all are multi-dimensional and have technology at the core of their foundation. We still have slot machines with Britney Spears or other entertainers, but they are not market differentiators. Now, guests expect every experience to fit their wants and needs as an individual and for social sharing in real-time. Recognizing this was key to creating our plans for the future. We are working on several projects that are aimed at combating the challenges we face and will help improve the guest experience.

Caesars Entertainment was the first major gaming company in Las Vegas to offer a guest text messaging program with artificial intelligence in 2018 with the introduction of IVY, a 24-hour virtual concierge. This service allows guests to have full conversations asking for additional pillows, to dinner reservations, or even late checkout.

In 2019, the concierge team at Caesars Palace piloted Google Assistant’s Interpreter Mode technology which allows the concierge team and guests to communicate in 27 different languages. Not only does the service reduce cost and time, but it creates a better experience for guests.

To improve the personalization of experiences for guests, we created an engine that correlates data across more than a dozen data sources, matching it in near real-time using fuzzy logic machine learning (ML) to confirm whether data from disparate systems is associated with a specific person.

Additionally, guests can immerse themselves in new experiences throughout our resorts. At the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, we’ve created The Wall Restaurant and E-Sports Lounge where anyone from a casual gamer to an experienced pro can play on 30 Alienware PCs and gaming consoles.

At The Linq Hotel + Experience, we have created a number of experiences for our guests to enjoy with their friends and family at the property and through social media. For example, guests can enjoy first-ever immersive art installations in Las Vegas by world-renowned artist Refik Anadol throughout the property. RE: MATCH bar, a new bar, unlike any other in Las Vegas, features 27 touch screens that create a bar top with games.

These are just some of the experiences we have created throughout the Caesars Entertainment properties. With one of our latest projects, Black Fire Innovation, we will be able to continue to examine new technology and how it works in the hospitality and gaming industry. The new space will include mock hotel rooms, a casino floor, sportsbook, esports arena and more. It will allow our team from Caesars Entertainment, students and staff from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and startups to test new ideas to eventually present to our guests.

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