Dot.Cy: Extending Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Enhanced Guest Experience

Nicos Papaioannou, Managing Director
Hospitality organizations have realized that digitalization and guest experience are the two key enablers to remain competitive in the global market. These factors have encouraged organizations in the hospitality industry to invest into specialized software solutions with the aim to understand guests’ behavior and better serve their most valued clients. However, the major challenge today is that most organizations invest in operational systems which are either room-centric (as compared to guest-centric) or they have their own database of guest information. The result is an amalgam of dissimilar software solutions which creates information barriers and results in fragmented processes and guest information silos. The effectiveness of business operations are then further impacted. Add to this, the lack of mobile and tablet access in many leading hospitality systems, and system implementations which do not take into account the unique characteristics of the hotel operator and of each individual property, create an IT solutions landscape which does not address the core objectives but actually imposes greater business challenges.

Dot.Cy is at the forefront of addressing these challenges through cloud-based Guest Relationship Management (GRM) solutions using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform as a base, whilst leveraging on the best practises and the extensive list of standard functions Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides.

With more than a decade of experience in the hospitality and travel industry, Dot.Cy digitally transforms a hotel operation by eliminating data and process silos whilst connecting all the departments together in a single platform. Being recognized as Microsoft Dynamics Regional Partner of the Year and Microsoft Country Partner of the Year, Dot.Cy is investing heavily and positioning itself to become a leading player in Guest Relationship Management systems by utilizing the award-winning Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform but most importantly by understanding the client’s unique requirements and modeling solutions to serve the guest in a personalized and efficient manner.
To intensify the connection between the hotel and a guest, Dot.Cy’s Guest Relationship Management solutions allow hotel operators to implement end-to-end processes such as service request handling, complaints management, profile management, segmentation management, loyalty management, sales and marketing automation, volume contract automation, event scheduling, concierge services and more. Furthermore, the platform also addresses the business intelligence, social listening, social posting and digital marketing needs of the clients. All core modules are available via mobile and tablet devices, which means information and processes can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Expounding on the capabilities of Dot.Cy’s Guest Relationship Management solution, Nicos Papaioannou, Managing Director of Dot.Cy says, “We are building software solutions with the guest journey in mind, leveraging on guest engagement best practices using Microsoft Dynamics 365. This is unique to the hospitality and travel industry”. With guest satisfaction being the primary factor for a successful hotel operation, Dot.Cy’s Microsoft Dynamics 365-based solutions provide guest information such as guest preferences, habits, buying patterns, past transactions, demands, complaints, and loyalty characteristics. “We cover the guest’s journey spanning over all the touch-points within the hotel to provide the right information to the right person at the right time on the right channel,” asserts Nicos. Guest satisfaction is greatly elevated since information is not anymore linked to just a room–it is linked to a guest, is summarized in the form of a holistic profile, and can be actioned upon in an intuitive and familiar user interface.

Having a client base of 100 installations of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in 12 countries, Dot.Cy has become proficient in speaking the client's language and combining technology, processes, and business consulting in one attractive package that is unique, functional, simple to use, and leverages the standard functionality and extensibility of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Along the path of innovation, Dot. Cy positions and strengthens its presence by developing vertical products that are catered specifically towards the hospitality industry.


Nicosia, Cyprus

Nicos Papaioannou, Managing Director

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