Top 20 Travel & Hospitality Technology Companies - 2017

Top 20 Travel & Hospitality Technology Companies - 2017

In the highly competitive travel and hospitality sector, success depends on knowing customers and serving their needs. Technological innovations are driving the travel and hospitality industry to move beyond the niche—from early adopters of social, mobile, and cloud to be more information driven and customer-centric. From taking virtual-reality tours of vacation spots and facilities to checking-in with biometric sensors or receiving automatic concierge and house-keeping services, technology has broadened the definition of personalized services, contributing toward an enhanced customer experience.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are reaching a new level of maturity and are poised to transform the travel and hospitality industry by bringing in automation in bookings, transactions and administrative tasks. With huge amounts of historical and behavioral data on previous customers and travel trends, AI can easily combine travel and customer intelligence and turn it into remarkably usable information that can impact an individual traveler’s trip planning experience. In addition to the plethora of technologies, the promise of IoT is also going beyond the customer experience. For instance, hoteliers, airlines, and other travel companies can leverage connected sensors to improve operational efficiencies such as energy and water consumption.

A confluence of technologies, including faster processing power, cloud computing, and IoT will come together to push the mobile channel to the next level—removing existing pain points from travel and improving the overall trip experience in the process. For the industry, the key lies in identifying the most relevant technology that gives customers a pleasant and personalized experience. There are a host of technology solution providers who bring their best-in-class solutions towards winning the travelers.

Our selection panel has evaluated hundreds of travel and hospitality solution providers based on their ability to assist CIOs and enterprise holders overcome the challenges in the sector and to help companies choose the perfect travel and hospitality solution.

We present to you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Travel & Hospitality Technology Solution Providers 2017.

Top Travel & hospitality Companies

Bug Software

Bug Software provides a consolidated approach for travel agencies and DMCs to connect with vendors and suppliers in different destinations


Provides software solutions and consulting services to hospitality and travel organizations who are ready to digitally transform their operations through purpose-built Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions


Provides GuestU Phone, an in-stay product for hotel rooms, and a number of applications to personalize guest experience and help concierges understand guest behavior


Empowering the hospitality industry to redefine service experience based on guest experience

Kitchen CUT

Develops food and beverage management software for all business sizes


Ruckus offers advanced wireless systems and Wi-Fi solutions for the rapidly expanding travel industry

Sabre Corporation

A technology ecosystem that touches every stage of travel experience


Focuses on creating quality connections through Snagajob marketplace and PeopleMatter with an end-to-end platform of talent and workforce management solutions


TravelWorks is a division of PC Voyages that offers a real web-based back-office system for travel agencies

VIP Event Resources

Provides software solutions leveraging cloud-based tools and analytics for DMCs and MICE travel companies


Works with hospitality brands to increase direct bookings by delivering beautifully designed dynamic messages to visitors


Develops cloud based enterprise-level resource planning software that helps hospitality SMB grow


Develops proprietary enterprise software that helps in property and workforce management, and provides wireless solution to the hospitality industry


Develops cloud based CRM and marketing tools to increase hotel sales


Develops software for interaction of hotel guests and loyalty platforms

Mindtree Ltd.

Provides customized cloud based solutions, application management and digital infrastructure expertise


Provider of interactive software solutions that helps hotels connect today’s savvy traveler to the hotel information, trusted local recommendations, and enhance communication between guest and hotel staff


Designer and developer of asset management softwares for hotels


Provides cloud based solutions for revenue maximization of hotels on the basis of data analysis


Provides a suite of consumer, operational and enterprise level hospitality software solutions based on cloud