Top 20 Travel and Hospitality Tech Companies - 2018

Top 20 Travel and Hospitality Tech Companies - 2018

The tectonic shift in industry this year has been promising, especially in the travel and hospitality sector. Concepts of AI, IoT and machine learning are now commonplace, consumer even, as the industry integrations of the same are increasing significantly. Add to this the growing economy in the states and the numbers add up to a rising demand in hospitality and a steady peak in much needed RnR.

Journeys begin in the mind, eventually finding substance in data. From the moment the thought of a journey leaves the mind and finds itself on a screen, the data, your data, goes to work. AI powered engines compare and discover the nature of every potential guest at the backend, fine tuning each requirement to deliver experiences that are handpicked to serve every nuance. Further down, as the instance materializes, logistics in fray are coordinated in real time, offering full visibility into status and operation. Finally, in the realization of it all, IoT implementations form the very real interface between the human and surroundings. With smart rooms that change temperature and lighting based on what sensors read from the guests to personalize every aspect of the stay, making for that extra mile in service excellence. We are truly living in the 21st century, the lore of make believe now within reason and reality.

To help business providers in selecting promising travel and hospitality solutions, a distinguished panel of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, along with CIO Review Magazine editorial board has assessed and shortlisted the companies offering pioneering technology solutions in the industry. This listing gives a comprehensive understanding of solutions that can be implemented to optimize your business process.

We present to you “20 Most Promising Travel and Hospitality Tech Solution Providers - 2018”.

Top Travel & hospitality Companies

Direct Travel

Provides corporate travel and risk management services to improve the travel experience of corporate employees across the globe

Lodging Controls

The company provides unique and creative services to meet the needs and expectations of their clients in the field of hospitality

Onyx CenterSource

A leading global provider of B2B payments and business intelligence solutions to the hospitality industry

Pegasus Solutions

Pegasus offers a state-of-the-art CRS platform, Pegasus Analytics, IBE, and other ancillary services to help hoteliers gain more control over their distribution

Resort Data Processing

Offers a customized property management software solution for a mix of properties

Ruckus Networks

Provides secure and reliable access to Wi-Fi, and innovates across wireless and wired technology to meet industry-specific needs


TravelWorks brings to the table a complete and integrated cloud-based solution to streamline agency management

Uptown Network

Uptown Network is changing the ways that guests interact with restaurant’s menus


Agilysys is a provider of POS, inventory, procurement, document, property and workforce management solutions for the hospitality industry

Corporate Travel Management

Corporate Travel Management provides travel planning and consultancy services


Egencia provides online travel booking platform to businesses and the travellers

Frontdesk Anywhere

Frontdesk Anywhere is a cloud based platform that offers property management, reporting and revenue management solutions for the hospitality industry


Hotelogix is a cloud-based hotel management platform that offers booking automation and Point-of-Sale solutions for small and medium-sized hotels


InnRoad provides hotel management, property management and booking engine systems for the hotel industry

mycloud Hospitality

Mycloud Hospitality is a hotel software company that provides hotel PMS with channel manager, web booking and POS services


Rydoo is a user-friendly, mobile, cloud solution that will help you streamline your corporate travel and expense journey for better insights, automated controls and happier employees

Sabre Corporation

Sabre is a leading technology solutions provider that help airline, hotel and travel agency customers grow their businesses and transform the traveler experience

TRACK Hospitality Software

TRACK is a developer and provider of cloud-based communication and hospitality management platform


TravelClick provides business intelligence, reservations booking engine, media and guest management solutions for the hospitality industry


Travelport provides travel search, aggregation and transaction processing services