Lufthansa Systems: Velocity Lithe and Mobility to Tomorrow Hospitality Sector

Tino Herrmann, Vice President-Hospitality Solutions
Satisfied guests are the life line of hospitality industry. “Cruise ships and hotels must be committed to exceeding the expectations of today’s ‘connected’ guests,” says Tino Herrmann, Vice President- Hospitality Solutions at Lufthansa Systems. Headquartered in Kelsterbach, Germany, Lufthansa Systems provides unique solutions that help companies gain clear advantage in this highly competitive sector, all the while reducing operational costs and enhancing ROI.

Velimo, the company’s flagship product for the hospitality industry delivers velocity, lithe and mobility to address the most important areas of guests’ experience. Velimo´s five Unified Guest Interfaces allows guests to interact with staff anywhere, anytime during the travel cycle via their mobile devices, tablets, laptop, television and the hotel’s digital sign. It has modules to address every single need of a guest.

With Dine module, guests can access full dining options, view menus, make a reservation or request room service. Their experience can be further enhanced through their use of the Socialize module to chat with other guests individually or in groups. The Entertain module allows guests to stream their favorite news and entertainment content. By using the Concierge module, they can select a themed wake-up scenario like music or light. The Book & Shop module allows guests to send eCards to their friends and family as easily as uploading photos. There is also an option for guests to become informed about the hotel property that includes map highlighting.

Velimo’s features don’t end there. The Housekeeping module makes it easy for guests to request a laundry service, turn down or amenity such as extra towels or soaps. When guests make a service request, the message, along with information is sent to the appropriate department. Once the request is acknowledged, a confirmation is promptly sent to the guest’s personal messaging system. This not only enhances the guest’s experience considerably, it also streamlines operations, reduces call volumes and related costs.

Velimo´s superior business intelligence and interactivity is derived through its robust, future-proof architecture. The Central Intelligence Platform reflects open standards, transparency, scalability and reliability.

We provide our customers with information that can be effectively leveraged to reinforce the brand, build customer loyalty and target market with custommade content

It serves as the repository for all business intelligence, decision matrices, messaging communications and interface framework to provide hotel management with real-time analytics and charts to assess Velimo-generated revenues. It identifies and tracks guests’ preferences, trends and behaviors, while streamlining employee processes in real-time. The information can be effectively leveraged to reinforce the brand, build customer loyalty and target market with personalized content via real-time advertising and banner ads.

“Cruise ships and hotels will see revenues increase as guests take advantage of Velimo´s global convergence and content to book more services,” claims Hansen. “From the initial system investment to maintenance and operational costs, Velimo´s “Total Cost of Ownership” profile ensures a high ROI,” he adds.

Apart from Velimo, Lufthansa Systems provides the first IP-based cabin control system to monitor and control electrical components in guest cabins using which cruise lines can gain enormous savings in cost and energy. The company also designs and builds an integrated network infrastructure that allows all applications or services to be distributed over a single cable through seamless data network, providing guests with a differentiating service at reduced cost.

With its in depth knowledge of the industry, the company serves major clients including TUI Cruises, Holland America Line, Viking Cruises, AIDA, Seabourn, Hapag Lloyd, Costa Cruises, Greyhound, ADAC PostBus, and Virgin Hotels. Going forward, Lufthansa Systems plans to innovate more on mobility, WiFi and streaming technologies. “We also plan to expand operations in providing an integrated network infrastructure for guests at a reduced cost,” concludes Herrmann.

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Tino Herrmann, Vice President-Hospitality Solutions

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