ABC Connection: TMCs Take the Lead in Offsite Meetings Technology

Martin Coleman, Chairman & Publisher
TMCs around the world face one simple challenge.

Clients are demanding online solutions to manage the procurement process for offsite meetings and events. Unless TMCs start giving these clients online solutions they may well not compete with the stand-alone technology providers that go direct to the corporate clients and as a consequence TMCs lose control of their client in the process.

In almost all area of business tedious and labour intensive processes are being eliminated. Online is infinitely quicker. It’s far easier. And delivers huge cost savings.

ABC Connection has made it possible for TMCs to quickly and cost-effectively provide their clients with individually designed solutions that meets both their commercial and duty of care requirements.

Client requirements individually personalised by the TMC

With minimal training or disruption ABC Connection enables TMCs to offer their own personalized technology solution to each of their clients.

Commercial requirements, individual duty of care and bespoke venue find are configured as part of the initial client set up.

Commercial requirements include; controlled user access, payments and billing methods, as well as client preferred hotels.

Duty of Care includes safety and security requirements, specific requirements for wheelchair users, blind and visually impaired and the deaf and hard of hearing.

Venue Find enables TMCs to place over 420,000 properties worldwide in front of clients, the venue display is controlled by TMCs to ensure the most relevant or client preferred venues are displayed.

This packaged solution is delivered as a client-branded booking portal.

Martin Coleman, Chairman of ABC Connection, explains: “It’s never been more crucial for TMCs to move offsite meetings and events procurement process online as an end-to end solution.
It dramatically transforms the way people in the industry work. The TMC’s clients get exactly what they need, with far lower costs and far less effort.”

Three tools give TMCs complete control

And Martin Coleman explained: “Our software has three inter-related tools that enables TMCs to drive their business.

The first is Commission RFP, the second covers Requests for Meetings, the third is the Commission Manager solution.

Commission RFP enables TMCs to negotiate commissions in advance on all aspects of a meeting or event, from the delegate rate to food and beverage to equipment hire.

Request for Meetings covers
• Venue find – 420,000+ properties
• Negotiation via the integrated Project Communication function
• Automated, highly detailed client proposals
• Venue confirmation
• Venue contracting
• Meeting agendas and attendee listings
• Final budget reconciliation

Commission Manager improves agency cash flow through a comprehensive meeting and events commission management process, it includes
• Auto-generated commission claims for each project
• Invoice reconciliation which speeds up the accounting process
• Automated Dunning’s process
• Payment allocation
• Data export facility to internal accounting solution

This also means that the Client Management Information available to TMCs is complete and comprehensive.

New, faster, more efficient way to deal with tenders

Already TMCs are using the ABC Connection software as part of their new business sales drives, bespoke client portals are set up and demonstrated and in the majority of instances these TMCs make the short-list.

Coleman concludes, “ABC Connection solutions are currently being used by Travel Management Companies, Hotel Booking Agents and Event Management Companies”.

ABC Connection

Berkshire, U.K

Martin Coleman, Chairman & Publisher

Provider of integrated technology solutions to the travel community.