Frontdesk Anywhere: Powering Independent Hotels and Management Groups with Cloud-Based Technology

Thomas Lyle, CEO
It is an exciting time for the hotel industry. We’re in the early stages of a technological shift which brings game changing innovation to independent hotels and management groups. Until now, this market segment has had little in the way of tools or technology to compete with their larger counterparts. The gap between the large chains and independents may appear wide, yet the disparity would have been far greater without the emergence of affordable and effective property management systems dedicated to independents. Frontdesk Anywhere is one of the leading companies spearheading this move to the cloud while breaking the financial wall associated with legacy systems. Switching to an innovative cloud-based Property Management System allows independent hotels and groups to not only level the playing field and compete with their larger counterparts, but have an effective path to overtake them.

Frontdesk Anywhere is a powerful ‘All-In-One’ hotel management software. It provides all the features necessary for management and staff alike to have a property operate at the highest level: from availability, reservations and housekeeping management to point of sale, online distribution, reputation and revenue management. We also offer full reporting, analytics and business intelligence to measure and track your success.

Our software is designed with a constant focus on user friendliness. We make sure it’s easy for hotel staff and managers to learn and use the system. That being said, our enterprise offering is capable of handling the most complex requirements of both hotels and management groups.

The cloud-based technology developed by Frontdesk Anywhere frees hoteliers from the cost and headaches of on-site legacy systems and the on-site maintenance requirements that go with it. Using Frontdesk Anywhere, users with relevant permissions can access the property’s account from any Internet-connected device, from any location. One client went so far as to replacing the front office with a team of mobile concierge staff, addressing each and every guests’ needs while checking them in curbside right from their iPads.
Switching to Frontdesk Anywhere is seamless, stress free and easy to implement, with guest and reservation data migrations available from all systems.

Success for independent hotels and management groups depends on their ability to choose the right tools to compete in a fast changing world

Frontdesk Anywhere provides a system that meets the specific needs of independent hotels and management groups. Its wide ranging functionality is aimed at streamlining hotel operations, enhancing the guest experience and increasing revenues. We’re proud to participate in the success of over one thousand properties and counting, who see Frontdesk Anywhere as an integral part of their business and online strategy. Leveraging our knowledge of the hotel industry, coupled with a deep understanding of the commercial application of technology, we’ve built an integrated ecosystem of partners bringing a serious technological advantage to our clients. Revenue management, reputation management, online distribution, payment gateways and more combine and dynamically fold into one single and robust platform—Frontdesk Anywhere.

The company’s innovative spirit and technological prowess is closely linked to our being born and headquartered in Silicon Valley. The flexibility and responsiveness of our solution along with excellent support provided by our global team are just some of the reasons that make Frontdesk Anywhere a leader in the field of hotel management software.

Moving forward, we will continue on providing our clients the powerful, comprehensive and simple solution they need to succeed. The latest update we’re working on and to be released soon will definitely keep pace with that mission to support and participate in hotel businesses’ growth and future challenges.

Frontdesk Anywhere

San Francisco, CA

Thomas Lyle, CEO

Providing innovative hotel management software for independent properties, chains and management groups.