SkyTouch Technology: Growth without Limits: SkyTouch Technology Fuels Hotel Companies' Strategic Objectives

Larry Gorman, Chief Technology Evangelist
The hospitality industry is booming. Demand is outpacing supply, revenue per available room (RevPAR) is at its highest since 2005 and international travel has reached record levels. The competition is fierce and the guests are discriminating. Meanwhile, the technology landscape is rapidly changing, and the solutions a hotel implements can make the difference between a successful operation that delivers memorable guest experiences, and one that struggles to keep up with the competition. It is critical that hotel companies turn to powerful technology solutions that can improve their existing operations and adapt to their evolving needs.

SkyTouch Technology, a hospitality solutions provider, is committed to helping its customers excel in today’s highly competitive market. Its mission-critical SaaS product, the SkyTouch Hotel OS® platform, is the most widely-used cloud-based hotel management software in the industry. SkyTouch provides significant advantages that help hotel companies achieve growth, elevate their operational performance, and improve the guest experience.

SkyTouch Senior Director of Enterprise Architecture and Research Larry Gorman affirms that hotels are under constant pressure to meet their strategic objectives. “Hotel companies, operators, and managers, must have accurate and timely information to help make the best decisions for their hotels, and their staff needs the right tools to perform their jobs in the most efficient manner.”

The SkyTouch Hotel OS solution was architected as a flexible, modern and intuitive platform capable of evolving with the needs of a variety of hotels on a large scale. It’s 100 percent cloud-based, accessible from virtually any device with an internet connection. Hotels without mobile capability are at a disadvantage. While other providers are starting to offer cloud-based alternatives to their traditional on-premise systems, SkyTouch has a proven record of high performance and resilience in the cloud.

“Our platform is currently serving over 9 million page views daily, with response times that average less than half a second.
In 2014, we had a 99.94 percent uptime,” Gorman explains. “Our 10+ year history of performance and scalability shows we have a mature platform that high-growth customers can rely on to support their expanding needs—no matter how many hotels or how fast the desired growth.”

Our 10+ year history of performance and scalability shows we have a mature platform that high-growth customers can rely on

Many hotel companies have systems in place that are complicated to use and create a significant impediment to success. The SkyTouch Hotel OS solution boasts an intuitive design, allowing hotels to quickly train their staff in just days, rather than weeks or months. “We know that training costs are a big concern, so we put forth a lot of effort to build advanced capability while making it easy to use,” says Gorman. The ease-of-use also promotes a better guest experience, allowing staff to focus more on the guest and less on the technology.

Large chains and independent hotels alike trust the SkyTouch Hotel OS to help improve hotel operations. Cobblestone Hotels, a leading franchise company for growth within the upper mid-scale segment, recently turned to SkyTouch to help manage their hotels better and smarter and to grow with their evolving needs.

SkyTouch Technology is a long-term strategic partner that listens and responds to customer needs. The company deployed 50 new features in 2014, and is on track to exceed that number this year. They will roll out new capability to support EMV requirements for credit card processing in advance of an October 2015 industry-driven deadline, and continue to focus on guest experience, analytics, and mobility. As the industry continues its momentum and competition stiffens, SkyTouch customers are equipped to emerge as the market leaders that are set for growth without limits.

SkyTouch Technology

Phoenix, AZ

Larry Gorman, Chief Technology Evangelist

Provides a cloud-based hotel operating system that allows hotel companies to help meet their most important strategic objectives.