ABC Connection: TMCs winning business with Client Managed RFP

Martin Coleman, Chairman
TMCs around the world are winning new business by providing their clients with the technology to deploy, manage and negotiate their accommodation RFPs.

The high costs associated with third-party RFP technology providers, coupled with their lack of flexibility and poor quality responses, has seen corporate buyers look to their TMCs for solutions.

With many existing and potential clients wanting their own solutions to manage the procurement process, TMCs are now in the position to provide technology that delivers an end-to-end solution covering:

•Property sourcing and selection
•Rate request and negotiation
•Highly detailed management information

The deployment of client managed RFP technology has significantly strengthened the relationships between the TMC and their clients.

Julie Oliver, Managing Director, Business Travel Direct says, “This is a superb local to global solution. We have one global client who is running their RFP process in 28 countries to nearly 1,000 hotels and at the other end of the scale a local company running a 350 hotel RFP within the UK. We set up the RFP and deployment was fast and efficient. The results our clients achieved were outstanding. The fact that this technology is provided by Business Travel Direct as part of our relationship is seen by our clients as a very progressive move. As part of the Global Consortia WIN we work with our partners worldwide to deliver international travel solutions”.

The client enjoys significant cost savings

The client pays no fees to access the RFP technology. The rights to assign these RFP licences form part of the TMCs agreement with ABC Connection.

Fast, flexible, and results-oriented

A standard client RFP can be set up in under a day and can generate more than 80 percent response rate. The client negotiates online, effectively generating both savings and substantial added-value.
Safety, security, and duty of care

The accommodation RFP has embraced a holistic approach, both to the commercial needs of the corporation and their detailed safety, security and duty of care requirements which are now mandated for their staff. Duty of care includes: safety and security requirements, specific requirements for wheel chair users, blind and visually impaired and the deaf and hard of hearing. Technology capabilities also form a key part of recent client RFPs, as does environmental and lone traveller policies.

This packaged solution is delivered by the TMC as a client branded RFP Portal

RFP portals for clients are individually set up and personalised by the TMC in a fast, simple and intuitive process. This set up and training can be charged by the TMC.

The RFP technology enables TMCs to place over 420,000 worldwide properties in front of their clients, delivering programme flexibility and a highly competitive tendering process.

Martin Coleman, Chairman of ABC Connection, explains, “Some clients still use labour intensive spread sheetsor resort to costly third-party technology solutions and they are looking for change.

In almost all areas of business today, tedious and labour intensive processes are being eliminated. ABC Connection has made it possible for TMCs to quickly and cost effectively provide their clients with individually designed solutions that meets both their commercial needs and duty of care obligations and in the process forging a much stronger working relationship.

Many TMCs are now offering their Transient Accommodation RFP technology to Companies as part of their pre-sales process.

ABC Connection RFP Technology dramatically transforms the way people in the industry work. The TMC’s clients get exactly what they need, with far lower costs and far less effort.”

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Martin Coleman, Chairman

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