Monscierge: Enhancing Guest Experience through Elegant Connections

Marcus Robinson, CEO
Exotic locales lure today's generation of travelers. Globetrotters’ needs vary especially while touring unknown or new locations, necessitating service and assistance through the course of the journey. They demand curated, more sophisticated, local content about the places of visit. Addressing these imperative needs, Oklahoma City-based firm Monscierge helps hotels connect guests to great curated local recommendations around the world and builds intelligent tools for travelers to communicate with their local hosts instantly and efficiently.

With an in-depth industry experience of over 7 years, the firm’s product line, Connect, contains advanced modish platforms that work on mobile, tablet, and large-format touch screen devices to manage all content. “A general survey revealed that 73 percent of the guests were looking for local recommendations on where to go and what to do. “To this need, our Connect CMS allows hotels to very easily and rapidly curate great local content and share this information with guests,” elaborates Marcus Robinson, CEO of the firm. It powers the platforms that guests feel comfy and expect - iOS and Android apps, SMS, e-mail and responsive web platforms. Connect CMS provides information regarding hotel bookings, restaurants around the place of stay, flight information and also about the weather updates in a scalable and easy way for the guests to make their preferences known before, during, and after their stay.

“We provide complete flexibility to our customers to access information from mobile devices or through browser at their convenience. They can download and use our Connect l app using mobile devices and apply Connect Web through browsers, flashing the same content,” delineates Robinson. Monscierge offers Connect Mobile for guests, a Connect Staff tool, and a Connect Lobby-an all-in-one, touch-interactive displaying the same content. Connect Lobby allows guests to interact and get advanced information about the hotel premises and local area without having to enquire with the front desk staff. The Connect staff application allows staff to get connected with the guests and respond to their needs instantly in real-time improving guest satisfaction through an efficient workflow.

We provide complete flexibility to our customers to access information from mobile devices a browser or large format touchscreens at their convenience

A recent Monscierge survey found that 55 percent of people feel that five minutes is too long to wait at the front desk, and only 12 percent were willing to wait. In one instance, Monscierge assisted ibis— a European hotel with the guaranteed quality of "15 minutes satisfaction" contract with their guests. With travelers becoming more technologically savvy, the hotel sought to work with Monscierge to help guests find accurate information by themselves more quickly, reducing wait times at front desk, freeing up employees while providing a USP for guests. Further, they were able to provide the guests with various easy-to-use and innovative options that personalized their stay within the hotel by utilizing the app for room selection, pre-stay requests, and planning with local recommendations provided by mobile concierge.

According to Robinson, the biggest trend that the hospitality industry is experiencing is the adoption of wearables by the staff members. “We have worked very closely with Cornell and Apple on innovative ways to collect new data, utilizing beacons and wearables to uncover the potential of enhancing the guest experience long-term in various environments.”

Amidst constantly changing trends and technologies, Monscierge is dedicated to improve the guest experience and hotel staff efficiency around the world that in turn will increase customer loyalty. On a progressive note, Robinson concludes, “We are focused to invest more on machine-learning and the ability to provide predictive recommendations based upon customer’s user profiles and engage them with the best local experience.”


Oklahoma City, OK

Marcus Robinson, CEO

Provider of interactive software solutions that helps hotels connect today’s savvy traveler to the hotel information, trusted local recommendations, and enhance communication between guest and hotel staff