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Glenn Dean, Vice President
The soaring rise of online travel reservation technology solutions has changed the way people research and book these services. This transformative shift has caused multiple sales channels to emerge in both the traditional B2B as well as B2C environments. The need to keep up with the changing prices and trends like offering special packages targeted to specific end-consumers is adding pressure on businesses selling travel services to quickly identify new and creative ways to standout in a crowded marketplace and remain competitive.

To overcome these issues, organizations require solutions that provide them with the flexibility to adapt their business based on the latest market trends and pressures. Founded in 2005, Odysseus Solutions provides comprehensive and innovative online booking solutions built using state of the art responsive technology. Clients of Odysseus Solutions are able to overcome the complex distribution challenges of today’s marketplace with flexible applications that include powerful tools to manage their business.

The Miami based firm’s mobile ready applications allow its’ clients to manage the demands emerging from both the B2B or B2C channels, as well as extend their booking engines reach to mobile or laptop devices using a single platform. “Our Cruise Booking Engine was the first product we offered and we later expanded with similar solutions for the airline and hotel industry,” says Glenn Dean, Vice President, Odysseus Solutions.

The firm developed its first generation of products by researching market requirements and collaborating with customers and suppliers to identify their specific needs. The result was the Odysseus Cruise Booking Engine which automates the cruise booking process and augments revenues while minimizing time and effort to research and book a cruise. The solution provides live access to pricing and availability for the world’s most popular cruise lines integrated with media files and rich content such as cabin photos, ship images and deck plans to assist during the shopping process.

The Odysseus Air Booking Engine further enhanced Odysseus Solutions’ product line with more than just live availability and pricing for airlines.

The Odysseus Booking Engine automates the booking process and augments revenues while minimizing the time and effort to complete a booking

The Odysseus Air Booking Engine allows clients to simultaneous search multiple content sources for the best price and account for any price adjustments prior to displaying results to the end user. The most recent product launched by the firm was the Odysseus Hotel Booking Engine, which similar to the other mobile ready products the company offers can be quickly and easily customized to a client’s specific needs including the header, footer as well as the CSS to provide a seamless online experience.

In one instance, Odysseus helped a customer based in Israel who needed an online booking engine translated into Hebrew that could handle both “Live” and “Off Line” content. “We delivered the booking engine with the capabilities the client was looking for and managed to exceed their expectations,” Dean commented. Odysseus provided the client with a solution that met their unique content requirements and included a tool for them to translate the Booking Engine into Hebrew. This enabled the Client to seamlessly expand their business and eventually leverage other Odysseus products such as the Air Booking Engine.

Odysseus maintains a unique business culture that encourages collaboration with customers, invests in the latest technology and trains employees to offer superior customer service. Moving ahead, the company plans to continue their steady growth strategy and focus on expanding their footprint internationally. “We will be working with customers in several target markets to understand local product, market, and legal requirements to successfully launch a product,” concludes Dean.

Odysseus Solutions

Miami, FL

Glenn Dean, Vice President

Providing comprehensive online booking solutions that automate booking process and are customized to support a client’s unique brand identity

Odysseus Solutions