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Kemal Oral, CEO
The travel and hospitality industry has been at the profitable end of a global digital phenomenon with nearly $550Bn revenue mark in the hotel business, according to a survey by Statista. While hordes of hoteliers, airliners, and other transfer services are pushing the envelope to lure in guests every second, online travel portals operated by travel agencies and tour operators are serving as the game changers in aiding travelers to identify the right services to fit their preferences. On the flip side, these tour handlers are often burdened monetarily to operate a functional website, electronically distribute tour services, and connect global providers within proposed deadlines.

In an effort to alleviate these common hindrances for travel agents and tour operators, TravelAps builds complete e-commerce websites with central reservation systems, customer database, payment processing, marketing management, and other integration features. “With our one-stop application, a travel company can immediately start selling travel services and receive payments online,” states Kemal Oral, CEO, TravelAps. Built on top of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, the TravelAps portals are designed to be setup within marginal timeframes, making it an affordable option for customers.

Oral also highlights TravelAps’ XML integration as one of the standout features, with which tour organizers can configure a number of XML add-ons, including hotels and airliners. This gives end users the liberty of choosing from millions of options, by comparing their features and pricing on a single screen. Encompassing an array of rich features— dynamic travel packing, API connectivity, mobility, multi-lingual and multicurrency, IP based pricing capability, social media integration, search engine optimization, and Google Maps—TravelAps portals give a competitive edge for travel operators.

With functionalities such as marketing campaign, mass mailing, content management system (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), and 24/7 support, TravelAps also helps promote marketing, sales conversions, customer engagement, and customer retention.

With our one-stop application, a travel company can immediately start selling travel services and receive payments online

Besides serving the mainstream travel and hospitality sector, TravelAps has a range of medical services from hospitals and clinics than can optionally be paired with a traveler’s itinerary for specialized treatments and surgeries.

TravelAps has a prolific clientele that includes some of the largest travel enterprises. Once, a local travel company that specialized in airport transfers, 724transfer was falling behind its schedules. The customer had an infrastructure that comprised of three disparate systems—a legacy phone based reservation system that recorded data onto a locally maintained software, a website owned by the travel company that remained obsolete without proper integration to the software, and a siloed accounting system. When TravelAps was sought for its affordability and ease-of-use attributes, 724transfer had immediately discarded the individualistic systems and integrated all three functionalities into the portal custom built by the firm. “The portal had caused a great reduction in cost and increase in service level,” evinces Oral. “The client had also doubled the number of reservations within a course of three months, as they started receiving global attention.”

Oral attributes TravelAps’ success to a simple paradigm that forms a part of their work culture. “Our focus is to enable travel agents to connect across the globe for buying and selling a broad spectrum of travel services, right from their own website,” Oral affirms. Having already bagged some of the leading travel providers like Expedia, Amadeus, Galileo, and HotelsPro, as XML partners, TravelAps has plans for wider connectivity, enlarged network, and more services down the lane.


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Kemal Oral, CEO

Provides travel portal solution for travel agencies, tour operators, and travel aggregators with features such as XML integration, integrated back office, CMS, digital marketing, and CRM