Kitchen CUT: The Digital Gateway to Successful F&B Management

Simon Haynes, CTO
It is often thought the success of a restaurant is created in the kitchen and yet, while creating culinary art is key for building reputation and brand awareness, the industry is more competitive than ever and this alone is not enough. Tight controls and effective back-office management of restaurants are critical for ensuring the business is commercially successful. However, the management of food and beverage in any operation is a huge workload, especially for time-poor chefs, whose focus should be delivering sensational dishes that will draw customers back time and time again.

After having faced the same frustrations in his kitchens for years and been unable to find a system to help reduce the admin and streamline daily tasks, John Wood, Michelin star awardee and former Executive Chef of the Burj Al Arab, Dubai, co-founded Kitchen CUT to help kitchens reap the benefits of modern technology.

The Kitchen CUT team has significant experience and knowledge of the food and beverage industry which has helped them to build a software solution that revolutionizes the user experience, creates accurate and efficient operational processes, optimises profitability, and delivers a return on investment.

The industry is bursting with innovation in technology for the front of house—payment systems, loyalty programs, CRM, customer ordering and so much more—which is great for improving the overall customer experience. However, the back-office is the engine room and it has to run effectively. “Kitchen CUT brings in a wealth of industry experience in food and beverage management and translates that into an engaging platform for F&B teams to use. Design and usability are what sets us apart–everyone has experience of smartphones and apps so the benchmark is there and like other sectors, technology in hospitality (particularly for the back-office) has to move with the expectation and we strive to exceed that,” explains Simon Haynes, CTO, Kitchen CUT.
The solution is a full purchase to pay system and has a wide range of features such as recipe and menu costing, allergen and nutritional analysis—right the way through to vendor ordering, performance tracking, real-time sales analysis and inventory management. By automating many of the daily tasks, it gives F&B teams and management teams a range of analytics and actionable insights to make timely decisions that can have a big impact on their business. The cloud-based software is accessible on any device and the scalable nature of the product caters to businesses of all sizes and revenue structures.

It’s looking at the detail of the F&B operation that allows you to make small incremental changes that can have a big impact on profit

The team at Kitchen CUT is always looking at the evolution of the system, focusing on the creation of new functionality, partnerships, integrations as well as interactive tools to meet the growing global demands of the food and beverage industry.

According to Haynes, Kitchen CUT has a single focus of breaking down operational challenges and tasks and making them simple. By connecting sales to cost of sales, purchases and product use (via numerous EPOS integrations), the system automates a wealth of insightful analytics to help operators maximize their F&B offering and make calculated decisions that will impact the bottom line. “Clients using Kitchen CUT typically see between 3-5 percent saving on their cost of sales, which means the system most often pays for itself within a matter of months,” he explains. “Other savings can be made from tracking waste, breakages, analyzing spend by the vendor and product type and much more. It’s looking at the detail of the F&B operation that allows you to make small incremental changes that can have a big impact on profit.”

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Simon Haynes, CTO

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