BluIP: Elevating Hotel Communications to New Heights

Steven Norris, VP of Business Development
Much like all major industries, travel and hospitality has placed cloud technology at the center of all modern-age innovations, driving their primary applications to the cloud where they can be centrally hosted and effectively managed and supported. In view of this transition, cloud-based solutions, such as PBX, Reservations Center, and Virtual Operators/Agents, whose benefits were once undervalued in the hospitality industry, have become the new norm. Today, hotel communications evaluation and potential innovation seems to be in three key areas: • Off-site guest services or calling into hotel (front desk, reservations, FAQ, reservations, directions, departmental call routing, etc.)

• On-site guest services in-room (operator, front desk, wake up calls, call transfers, concierge, in-room, dinning, e911, etc.)
• Back of house staff (call transfers, trouble ticket creation, emergency support, etc.)

But bringing innovation to these hotel communications areas comes with its fair share of challenges. Many large hotels and resorts are operating on 10 to 20-year-old premise PBXs, LMR Radios, manual processes, staff without mobile communication devices and a mindset that ‘if it’s not broken don’t fix it.’ Rising to these challenges, Vegas-based BluIP, a leading cloud based solution provider, such as of cloud PBX, SIP Trunking, PMS integration, contact center, AI conversational virtual agents and staff communications solutions, has been providing innovative communications solution to the major hotel brands for the last eight years. “As a leading provider of cloud-based hospitality solutions, we evolved into both a full service cloud telecommunications company and software/integrations company,” remarks Steven Norris, VP of Business Development, BluIP.

Norris goes on to shed light on the communications gap that persists in a typical hotel due to the siloed nature of information relayed across various departments and legacy systems. “Be it the goal to improve staff productivity, guest services/experience or support new hotel offerings/innovation, the challenge of effectively automating and collaborating across the various organizations and information silos, or processes is a real project consideration. This is precisely why BluIP is not just a cloud communications provider, but also a software and integration development company,” he adds.

In order to deliver innovative solutions to the hospitality industry, BluIP has developed many proven approaches and applications to integrate with the hotels legacy systems (PBX, PMS, Radios, etc.) and bubble wrap them with a modernized bridge to the cloud. “Whether we are deploying an AI conversational virtual operators/agents to augment hotel operators/front desk/reservation staff, replacing a premise PBX or legacy PRI Service with SIP Trunking, integration is key. As a result, we created rapid integration framework called bluBridge that allows us to develop and manage critical integrations such as Property Management System (PMS), service order/trouble ticket, and other hotel operations systems,” explains Norris.
Hotel Safety and Communications

Other emerging challenges the hospitality industry is dealing with are staff alerting “Panic Buttons”, human trafficking in hotels and the new E911 FCC requirements around dispatchable location. With the FCC moving forward with the implementation of Kari’s Law and Section 506 of Ray Baum Act, hotels need to check another regulator hotel communications box. This also coincides with the hospitality industry’s commitment to improve Staff Safety “Panic Buttons” that is in line with American Hotel Lodging Association (AHLA)’s 5 Star 2020 Promise, local unions and emerging city/state ordinances and ‘see something say something’ stance on human trafficking operating in the hotel.

“BluIP currently provides E911 support for over 350,000 hotel rooms and end points, so we find ourselves in an important position and key hospitality industry partner to address these new hotel safety requirements. For example, with our cloud solutions BluIP can increase 911 call location accuracy by integrating with the hotel’s property management system (PMS) to provide and transmit guest room status (occupied/not occupied), tower, floor, and room number to the PSAP operator or to hotel security and front desk staff,” says Norris.

As a leading provider of cloud-based hospitality solutions, we evolved into both a full service cloud telecommunications company and software/integrations company

“As an additional product offering, BluIP’s BeHive Workstream Collaboration Communications and Common Operating Platform (BeHive)—available as a mobile and desktop app—provides information to a variety of designated recipients or groups, allowing them to collaborate and communicate regarding the E911 calls or housekeeper/staff panic alerts. Hotel Staff/Security can interact via voice, push-to-talk, chat, voice, video, group communications, conference bridging, which are complemented by robust integration into PBX’s for E911 Notifications or third party staff alerting solutions,” Norris mentions.

To help Hotel Brands, Ownership Groups and Properties reap maximum benefits from cloud communications, BluIP has an authorized network of white label partners that resell, deploy, and support its solutions. Further, BluIP provides direct service for deploying, implementing and supporting more cutting-edge solutions. Today BluIP serves over 500 hotels, hotels and resorts brands such as Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Four Seasons, RLHC and BluIP has numerous success stories to its credit wherein the team assisted multiple clients to curtail communication expenses and improve guest experience with their cloud-based solutions. The company is also introducing BeHive 3.0, scheduled for launch next month and further build out its AI Conversational Framework and Applications.

BluIP News

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FREMONT, CA: BluIP, Inc., a leading technology solutions provider, delivers mission-critical products designed for the SMB, large enterprise, healthcare, hospitality, retail, education, and public safety. Their cloud solutions portfolio comprises hosted PBX with PMS integration, E911, contact centers, SIP trunking, rapid integration platform - blubridge, AI virtual operator & agents’ framework, and mobile applications like behive Communications Platform. Read More


Las Vegas, NV

Steven Norris, VP of Business Development

Established in 2011, BluIp is the provider of cloud communications (UCaaS) and Mobile Applications. The company delivers mission-crucial products and services engineered for the LE and SMB markets. The organization has designed its network with the most dependable and reliable network components such as Cisco, IBM, and Broadsoft and established redundant connections for supporting both private and public traffic. The company specializes in building and supporting solutions for vertical industries like healthcare, hospitality, large enterprise, public safety and distributed retail. The distribution and support of the company’s solutions are through direct, agent and white label channels